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General Formulations

GF 100 Gloss Clear Permanent Adhesive Laminate

GF 100 Gloss Clear Permanent Adhesive Laminate



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GF 100 is a 3.0 mil, high-gloss vinyl laminate with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Its 53# liner provides superior protection of digital and screen-printed images, making it ideal for interior and short-term exterior use. Plus, its cold laminating process saves time and energy without sacrificing quality. Keep your graphics vibrant and protected with the GF 100 series.

POP/Retail, Wall, Translucent, Transit (flat/simple), General Signage, Outdoor (short term)

  •  GF 100 is ideal for flat or very slight curves. In the cases of vehicles, it is best to use a comformable, long-term laminate that matches the specifications of the wrap (print) vinyl used. GF 100 Series laminates are meant for applications where up to one year of durability is needed. GF 100 series laminates are not meant to be stretched or to conform.
  •  You can apply a cast laminate to a calendered vinyl, but you should never put a calendered laminate on a cast vinyl. They must be of a similar construction so that over time they shrink at the same rate to avoid delamination.

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