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General Formulations

GF 110 EraseMark Pro Commercial Grade Dry Erase Laminate

GF 110 EraseMark Pro Commercial Grade Dry Erase Laminate



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GF 110 EraseMark Pro is a commercial grade dry erase laminate. With a glossy, scratch and abrasion resistant polyester film coated with a permanent adhesive, it can turn any graphic into a dry erase surface with a 5 year interior durability. Its engineered surface is perfect for quality dry erase markers and its anti-graffiti properties allow for easy removal of permanent markers and crayons.

POP/Retail, Wall, Window, General Signage, Indoor

  • GF 110 was formulated for high-use dry erase applications such as hospital boards, conference rooms, menu boards, restaurants and schools. It works well for applications where the written information needs to change frequently. The hard-coated engineered surface will stand up to repeated use and cleaning.
  • In most cases the dry erase film should be ready for use right out of the box, but we do recommend a quick wipe down of the surface after the application is complete. This will help with maximum marker bond to the surface and eliminate streaking.
  • GF 110 is intended to be paired with a base vinyl. The base vinyl will adhere to the substrate surface. Applying the GF 110 laminate directly to a plastic substrate surface will likely result in poor bond.

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