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General Formulations

GF 113 Mounting Film Clear Polyester Double-Sided Adhesive

GF 113 Mounting Film Clear Polyester Double-Sided Adhesive



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GF 113 Mounting Film is a reliable, double-sided adhesive solution for laminating thin, flexible plastic films and papers. Featuring a 1.0 mil clear polyester film with permanent adhesive on one side and removable adhesive on the other, this clear film is self-wound and printed with “Remove to Expose Adhesive” for easy identification. Cold laminating without the addition of heat ensures a secure and efficient attachment, perfect for temporary applications on glass.

POP/Retail, Window, General Signage, Outdoor (short term)

  • GF 113 is “Self Wound” on the roll, which means it only has one liner. The exposed adhesive side goes toward the graphic.
  • When you are finished applying the 113 film to your graphc, you will have a finished piece that will have the words “REMOVE TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE” on the face of the printed graphic. This is the side that is applied to the glass surface.
  • The GF113 has good clarity, but is not considered “optically clear”.
  • This clear mounting film is designed to mount digital prints, screen printed and other printed images to glass to produce a cleanly removable graphic. In all cases the substrates must be clean and free of dust, dirt and oil. 

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