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General Formulations

GF 116 Mounting Film (AE) Clear Polyester Double-Sided Adhesive

GF 116 Mounting Film (AE) Clear Polyester Double-Sided Adhesive



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GF 116 Mounting Film is the perfect solution for temporarily mounting thin flexible plastic films and papers to glass. This double-coated pressure sensitive 1.0 mil clear polyester film features a high-tack permanent adhesive on one side and a high-tack removable adhesive on the other. A 4.5 mil clear air egress PET liner ensures bubble-free application and clear visibility of the graphics even after lamination. Perfect for graphics on glass.

POP/Retail, Window, General Signage, Outdoor (short term)

  • The permanent side goes on the printed graphic. The Removable side will have blue text on it. When you are finished applying the 116 permanent side to the graphic, there will be text with the words “REMOVE TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE” on the face of the printed graphic. This is the removable side that is applied to the glass surface.
  • GF 116 is intended for application to glass, but may be used on other substrates, test for your specific uses. GF 116 can be used with graphic film and paper laminations and it is not a structural mounting tape. GF 116 is designed to produce two sided decals using digital prints, screen printed and other printed images for application to glass. These decals are cleanly removable. In all cases the substrates must be clean and free of dust, dirt and oil. This product is not recommended for tinted or laminated windows.

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