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General Formulations

Mounting Film Polyester - Clear Double-Sided Adhesive

Mounting Film Polyester - Clear Double-Sided Adhesive


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GF 118 Mounting Film is a 1.0 MIL clear polyester adhesive, double-sided for a secure bond on graphics for temporary glass applications. It comes with two liners printed on one side to indicate the removable adhesive, and a 1.5 mil clear liner on the other side to ensure clarity and proper wet out. GF 118 Mounting Film is an effective solution for laminating projects. With its clear adhesive, you can easily apply it to a variety of surfaces with a cold laminating process. Its impressive adhesion ensures your projects last for years.

POP, Window, General Signage, Outdoor

  • The side that is opposite the printed liner side is the permanent adhesve side.
  • When you are finished applying the 118 film, you will have a graphic that will have the words “REMOVE TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE” on the face of the printed graphic. This is the side that is applied to the glass surface.
  • GF 118 has good clarity, but is not considered “optically clear”.


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