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ViziPrint Deco Long-Term Graphic

ViziPrint Deco Long-Term Graphic


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ViziPrint Deco + is a long-term outdoor window and building graphic solution. Composed of scratch-resistant film, this product can be applied to virtually any smooth surface, including glass, plastic, and metal. Offering excellent endurance and appeal, ViziPrint Deco + is ideal for intricate architectural and decorating projects. ViziPrint Deco window film provides a highly durable, professional finish for long-term indoor or outdoor graphics. Its scratch-resistant surface and vibrantly-rich colours can be applied for up to seven years and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. Enjoy a bubble-free, smooth finish with ViziPrint Deco.
ViziPrint Deco+ is a glossy PET film with a permanent adhesive, designed for long-term use on substrates including glass surfaces. Special ink-receptive coating ensures strong adhesion of inks, ideal for architectural applications and retail displays. Create dynamic visuals with this optically clear window film.

POP, Indoor, Trade Show, Window, Walls, Fine Art

Latex, UV

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