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ViziPrint Deco+ Long-Term Graphic

ViziPrint Deco+ Long-Term Graphic



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ViziPrint Deco + is a long-term outdoor window and building graphic solution. Composed of scratch-resistant film, this product can be applied to virtually any smooth surface, including glass, plastic, and metal. Offering excellent endurance and appeal, ViziPrint Deco + is ideal for intricate architectural and decorating projects. ViziPrint Deco window film provides a highly durable, professional finish for long-term indoor or outdoor graphics. Its scratch-resistant surface and vibrantly-rich colors can be applied for up to seven years and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. Enjoy a bubble-free, smooth finish with ViziPrint Deco.
ViziPrint Deco+ is a glossy PET film with a permanent adhesive, designed for long-term use on substrates including glass surfaces. The special ink-receptive coating ensures strong adhesion of inks, ideal for architectural applications and retail displays. Create dynamic visuals with this optically clear window film.

  • Ideal for high-quality graphics for high-end retail storefronts
  • Suitable for conference rooms and architectural applications

Smooth Flat Surfaces, Retail Backlit Display, Window Graphics, Decals & Stickers

Latex, UV 

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